Brax's Locks of Love: Cutting for a Cause



Brax's Locks of Love: Cutting for a Cause

Please support Brax in donating his luscious locks for wigs AND raising some $ to support Camp Quality too.

Brax is currently sporting a mane of luscious locks, that he gets a sprinkling of compliments, and abunch more digs about.  And while he may have started the journey to get himself a man bun, it grew into something much bigger.

There was a little boy named Kruden, born one day after Brax, and in those first few years his mum Hayley and I used to comment constantly about how similar their personalities, growth and development were. That was until they turned 5 and instead of exploring his new school Kruden was diagnosed with Cancer and had to explore the inside of a hospital instead.

Fast forward a few years, with Kruden thankfully in remission, he grew, and then donated his gorgeous blond locks to make wigs for Cancer patients, and when Brax and I were talking about it one night, I suggested he might want to too. Of course, my huge empath with a heart bigger than the ocean immediately said yes, and has continued to grow his hair to meet the threshold for donation.

We are now well past that stage so the time has come and these locks have got to go.

As well as donating his hair, we decided to use this opportunity to raise some $ to donate to Brax's chosen charity - Camp Quality.

I asked Brax how much he thought we could raise and he said $150, but I said let's raise the bar and try for $1000. Any donations gratefully received.