There are five Camp Quality New Zealand regions and a camp is held every January in each region. Camp locations change but currently they are being held in Queenstown, Governors Bay, Marton, Hamilton and Auckland.

Camp generally lasts just under a week.

All children who attend Camp Quality are matched one-on-one with an adult companion. This person will be your child’s buddy the whole time they are at camp. Care is taken in matching appropriate companions to each child. And this matching process takes place well before camp to allow time for you and your child to get to know their companion prior to camp.
Medical needs are taken care of by the nursing team.

Camps are provided at no cost to our campers. We fundraise and receive donations and grants in order to achieve this.

We have detailed Health & Safety plans for our camps and all activities that take place during the week. All of our volunteers go through an in-depth training process, and are police checked every year.

This will depend on the individual circumstances of your child. Children on intensive chemotherapy are generally not eligible. Children on maintenance chemotherapy, who are well, may be able to attend if they have permission from their Paediatric Oncologist.

There are Paediatric Oncology nurses as well as other experienced children’s nurses in attendance at Camp at all times and they are responsible for all medical care of the children. Your child’s Oncologist or the local Paediatrician will be consulted should the Nurses have any concerns.

Each camp will establish a pick-up point where buses will meet the campers and take them to camp, sometimes this is timed in with a family activity for the first day of camp. Some camps return campers by bus and others have a family activity on the last day.
Once a camper is registered and we get closer to camp, an information package will be mailed out with all the details.

We prefer that parents do not volunteer at, or visit their child at camp. One of the benefits of Camp Quality is that it allows parents to have a well-deserved break and spend time with other family and friends. Short visits to camp are discouraged, as they may trigger homesickness in the campers. We are happy for parents to assist us by volunteering in other ways during the year.

Please contact us. The Camper Registrar for your region will be in touch to talk through the specific details of the appropriate camp for your child, and what the next steps for registration are.

The general age range for our programmes is 5-16 years, but this does vary in some regions due to camp number restrictions. Please contact us for more information


You are required to attend a training session prior to camp. This will either be a day or weekend-long session, depending on the region. You are expected to attend the full period of camp. Companions are encouraged to spend some time prior to camp getting to know their camper and their family. Keeping in touch with your camper after camp is also encouraged.
There may be other fundraising events during the year that you can assist with.

To be eligible to be selected to go on Camp in January, you must have attended one of our training days/weekends during the previous year. These are fun, informative sessions which cover a wide range of topics including health and safety, your responsibilities as a volunteer, what you can expect during Camp, and tips for dealing with common issues with campers.

There are variations between regions, but the general process is: 1) Register as a volunteer online 2) Submit an application for a camp 3) Attend a training weekend/day 4) If you are selected to attend camp, receive information about your camper and contact your camper and their family 5) Attend camp

As our campers come from a variety of backgrounds and have different energy levels and interests, we look for a similar variety in our Companions. At the core of what we’re looking for is a passion for helping kids and a sense of fun.

This may be possible if there are spaces available at the training you want to attend. However companions who are attending camp in the same region as the training session may take priority.

This may be possible depending on the camp dates and numbers of companions required. Ask your local region’s Companion Registrar.


It costs an average of $2,700 each year to send a child to camp.

Each year, around 300 children attend one of our five camps in New Zealand.

No, Camp Quality receives no government funding. Our camps operate thanks to the generosity of donations and grants from the wider community.

Donations by credit card can be made on the website, please visit our Donate page. Contact us for all other payment options.

All donations over $5 are tax deductible. You will receive a donation receipt by email after donating online.

Charities Number: CC22845

We welcome donations of goods that can be of use at camp or in our fundraising efforts. Please contact us to discuss your donation.