Mount Oxford - Big Challenge for Little Kids



Mount Oxford - Big Challenge for Little Kids

Riley 6 and Xavier 3 took on a huge climb for little legs. processed eb2ec9c7 bc8b 4278 9eef 14d5bf7f78e2 C1WVbgnF

There were doubts from some community members who do not know the boys but they never doubted themselves, vowing to make it to the top for that much anticipated pizza promised from our local pizza joint. 

The day started at 7am at the carpark by the base of Mount Oxford, it was a chilly morning but all rugged up they headed off for the first 15-20 minute walk which saw them already needing a snack break, then we crossed the river at the base of Mount Oxford and started our steep ascent upwards already being passed by an early morning runner.   

processed 22b0461c 03a2 4efd a73f 6fbe5b2403cc vMaMYYoWAs the sun rose, the layers came off, the snack and water breaks becamelonger, the legs getting more tired but the spirits still determined to make it to the top. There were trees to climb, views to see, people to say hello to and tell their story of all the kids they're up there for, not a single person made it past without the boys letting people know about Camp Quality.   

By halfway I am sure we had so many people wonder how they were going, where they were, did they make it?! 

Well sure enough, after 2 lunches countless snack breaks and wobbly or fallen over markers fixed for other track users.  

2 little boys on a mission to be able to help send other kids their age and older to camp to do all the things they love to do and more.... Made it to the TOP of Mount Oxford at 2.40pm!   

Super excited and absolutely chuffed with themselves the first person they wanted to ring was Nana and Poppa and what do you know, the top has amazing views and service !   processed ab25ac70 b1f7 439f 909f a9b355be0c36 dGxcTL78

The sun was shining, the wind stayed awayand 2 little boys made an epic climb for a great cause. The climb up was hard, but the climb down was tough also, with several falls and lots of stops though, they made it back to the car at 9pm in one piece.

  • 1 Mountain
  • 2 little boys
  • 3 days worth of food
  • A 65L pack full of gear in case of an overnight stay and not a single piece of food/snack etc came back off that mountain.

They even got their pizza on the way home. Takes a lot to fuel a couple of little super heroes on a mission!