David Parish: A Lion with a pretty big roar



David Parish: A Lion with a pretty big roar

Waihi District Lion, David Parish, is a Camp Quality hero. He is one of the many (harmless) Lions who wholeheartedly give back to our organisation from fundraising to partaking in camps themselves.   

David has been a Lion for over 50 years and 40 years in his region, first lending a hand in the Aquinas Camp Quality kitchen in 2020. Surprised by the lack of connection with Camp Quality in his Lion’s district over recent years, David set out to rectify this, stepping in as a Camp Quality/Lions Liaison to canvas support in the Waikato/Bay of Plenty region.  

Stretching from Turangi to Paeroa and Ohope, right across to Raglan, this Lion’s district covers one of the largest geographical areas. David has made it his mission to lead a presentation in each of the 10 Lion zones in the last two years.  

“Given that we were on the periphery, to turn it around a year later with a now high degree of involvement is hugely satisfying. The clubs are now anxious to be involved, asking ‘when is it our turn?’”  

He was amazed to discover just how much of a personal connection the Lions have to our mission in the region, with some zones since declaring Camp Quality a permanent Lions project. We’re incredibly grateful for their support too. David and his Lions have been incredible with more than $28,000 in support.  

David too has empathy for Camp Quality families, having lost his son to cancer back before Camp Quality was established. He is familiar with the pain that parents go through when watching their child suffer – seeing camp as not only respite care for the children but for their parents and families too.  

“I often thought over the years how much my son and I would have appreciated Camp Quality. I know what parents are going through and it’s wonderful to give them the reassurance that their precious child is going somewhere secure, supportive, and entertaining.”  

David is always thrilled to meet Camp Quality parents and see the tangible differences being made.  

“Everyone touched by Camp Quality is eager to give back – a testament to the huge number of parents, companions and campers who have been involved for many many years. I’m proud to be a part of it.”  

Thank you so much to David and his 202L District Lions for the continued support.